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Salerno Labs LLC is a small client-oriented professional development house specializing in custom websites, graphic design, open source software, mobile apps, and general R&D in information technology. We can build your next start-up idea fast. If you're interested in getting a quote for your project or have any questions, please contact us.

Why our clients love us

We offer our clients beautiful graphic design (including full websites and logos), innovative solutions, beautiful code, and realistic timelines. Warranties and flexible licensing options are always available. We love open source (and not just our own), standards, bleeding-edge tech, great process, communication, and transparency. Most of all, we love seeing you guys get your projects done.

We developed and maintain the website and provides on-going support at no cost to the charity.
Did we also mention that we love classic muscle cars? We designed the logo, the website, and built the entire website from the ground up to our clients exacting specifications!
We re-designed their logo!
LokiLockets loves animals!
We make custom logos for apps, websites, or even events.
We designed the logo for Doggy Noses and Yoga Poses!

How we give back

We're crazy about animals and animal rescue! Every year Salerno Labs LLC donates and volunteers time and resources to animal rescue organizations. In addition to being the on-call web team for Husky House in New Jersey, we also run an online pet lover's jewelery store called LokiLockets where much of the profits directly benefit animal rescue.

A large portion of all profits made by LokiLockets goes directly to supporting animal rescue!
We're always designing new promo t-shirts to help Husky House's fundraising efforts.
Flyer for a Husky House Brewery event in Newburgh, NY
Flyer for a Precious Paws, Inc. Brewery event in Newburgh, NY
Flyer for Husky House's Spring Tricky Tray
We made this flyer for a yoga event!